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Hello! Thank you for your interest in our studio. 
Our Garden Philosophy 

We think of your garden as an extended living space that we help you curate.  It is our priority to design a thoughtful and visually pleasing outdoor living space for your home that will hold a timeless impact. Our aesthetic is both natural and tailored. We thrive when we are able to collaborate with our clients and also receive trust from our clients when it comes to honoring our vision and our expertise. When working together with us, it is important for our clients to value the garden as an evolving process from the early stages of design and for years to come. 


Plants + Materials

We specialize in selecting plants and materials that will flourish in your environment and suit your lifestyle needs. Our aesthetic is both natural and tailored. We strongly believe that the plants, the furniture and the hardscape are equally important parts of the landscape and we strive to highlight this relationship with the selections we make. 

We thoughtfully select trusted brands and local builders, anywhere from lighting to furniture, tile, ceramics, doorways, decking, cooking structures, etc. We prioritize using sustainable, local materials and building techniques whenever possible. We do not install synthetic turf. 


Sourcing + Management

We provide detailed management throughout the entire process and clear communication. We work closely with our trusted contractors and builders to ensure the project is completed with the highest care and intention. We will protect and respect your space everyday of the installation. 

Now that you've read a little bit about the bones of our studio, here's a glimpse into our design process and fees. 

Process Outline

Phase 1: Schematic Design 

  1. On-Site analysis to obtain measurements, surveys, and installation plans. Schedule on site visits with contractors and Third Party Professionals.

  2. Package & Presentation​

    • Floor plan and CAD model. 

    • Material options for hardscapes and accessories. 

    • Lighting plan.

    • CAD renderings illustrating general measurements and build components. 

    • TALC STUDIO submit plans to (1) Contractor for estimates.

  3. Presentation


Phase 2: Design Detailing 

  1. Renderings will be edited and fine tuned based on Phase 1 design meeting. 

    • Planting plan, quantities, list 

    • Detail lighting plan 

    • Build components

    • Accessories; finalized decisions and sourcing

  2. Value engineering and updated estimate from contractor

Phase 3: Construction Management

  1. Coordination and management of design during installation includes but is not limited to the following:

    • Pre-instal site visits with contractors to review plans and scheduling.

    • Management of construction details.

    • Manage placement of plantings, accessories and lighting. 

    • On-site design guidance and observation during installation.  

    • Irrigation review with contractor.

  2. Sourcing/procurement of the following:

    • Plant material

    • Accessories/furnishings

    • Hardscape material (where applicable) 

    • Scheduling of material delivery (where applicable) 

  3. ​Post-installation

    • Final walk through with client and contractor to review garden details and functionalities. 

    • Provide garden maintenance referrals. 

    • Provide final plant list. 


Initial site visit & Proposal

 $275 for 45 minutes. After initial site visit, a written project brief is developed as well as a fee proposal for the concept design stage, which is sent for your approval. 

Design & Management  Fees 

Initial design retainer of 20-25 hours at $275 per hour.  Additional hours for edits can range from 5-20 hours depending on the scope of work. 


TALC STUDIO project management costs for a typical 100-200k budget garden can range from 7-15k. About 10-12% of the project total. 

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