TALC STUDIO is a landscape design studio founded by Taylor Palmer & Anastasia Sonkin.

We are plant enthusiasts and students of garden craft, research and horticulture. 

The opportunity to ignite a conversation between architecture, landscape and place is the heart of our process.

We design gardens for functionality and ecological enrichment. With the right plant selections, we are able to rejuvenate the ground with carbon and provide more habitats for birds, beneficial insects, etc. The result of this relationship is the combination of thoughtfully designed spaces with climate appropriate plant specimens.

TALC STUDIO designs and collaborates with local builders and artist to create custom outdoor furniture, lighting, woodwork, and garden objects.

We are based in the Bay Area/Northern California and Los Angeles , and are available for garden making in many other parts of the world.

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Dwell //  a garden we designed in Portland,OR 

The Plant Hunter // read more about us here

Gardenista //  a garden portrait


The Gardens of Eden //  our Hancock garden featured in Gestalten's book.